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From Renzo Tomaselli <>
Subject Re: [Trinidad] problem with tr:panelPopup containing an iframe
Date Mon, 21 Jan 2008 11:15:26 GMT
The double request produced by FF is due to the DOM change in 
TrPanelPopup._calcPosition, where the popup is assigned to the enclosing 
form in spite of its current parent, usually a span.
It appears that in such case FF refreshes the contents of the 
popup-contained iframes/objects, requesting the server for the same 
blobs as it already requested while building the page.
IE doesn't do it.
If I comment out parent.appendChild(popup), this second request is not 
Unfortunately this parent reassignement was performed in solving jira 
For the moment I don't see any other workaround than cloning my own 
version of TrPanelPopup.

-- Renzo

Renzo Tomaselli wrote:
> Hi, in the context of displaying generic documents (images, pdf, etc.) 
> I wanted to use a modal tr:panelPopup, containing an iframe to host 
> actual document contents. Things such as:
> <tr:panelPopup id="modal" position="centered" modal="true">
>         <iframe src="#{bean.blob}" type="#{bean.type}" width="400" 
> height="400 frameborder="0"/>
> ...
> Actual document contents are provided by the common trick of catching 
> a resource request (src) in a phase listener and feeding the proper 
> data stream into the response.
> Now the problem is that with this configuration, the iframe resource 
> is requested twice on FF.
> Besides any performance loss, there are bad side effects since I store 
> the document into the sesssion during first rendering (in bean.blob), 
> to be retrieved and removed later, when the iframe requests the 
> resource by next request. The second request will not find it anymore.
> But if the iframe is hosted by any other component on a normal page it 
> is requested just once.
> Any help is appreciated.

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