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From Bernhard Huemer <>
Subject Re: Myfaces-1.2.1-snapshot: Spring injected bean not available in @PostContruct method
Date Fri, 18 Jan 2008 10:53:03 GMT

most probably he's injecting the Spring bean using managed-properties, 
i.e. I think his managed bean definition looks like the following:



However, there's a bug in MyFaces as it calls methods being annotated 
with @PostConstruct before all properties have been injected. I have 
already created a JIRA Issue, but I haven't got the time to fix this bug 
so far. Therefore I'd recommend you to define alle your beans in Spring 
directly, just as Gerhard has already mentioned.


On 01/18/2008 +0100,
"Gerald Müllan" <> wrote:
> Hi,
> Do you have the managed bean in faces-config.xml defined oder via
> spring configuration file?
> MyFaces should not be responsible for injecting a spring bean. This is
> done when using Spring beans only.
> I would suggest to define it directly in Spring an use Spring`s
> init-method approach.
> cheers,
> Gerald
> On Jan 17, 2008 10:11 PM, Zheng, Xiahong <> wrote:
>> In my managed bean, I have a service bean configured and injected by spring
>> as in the following,
>> private DataService dataService;
>> @PostConstruct
>> public void retrieveData() {
>>         dataService.retrieveData();
>> }
>> Public void setDataService(DataService dataService) {
>>         this.dataService = dataService;
>> }
>> Using RI, dataService is already injected before retrieveData method is
>> called. However, this is not the case with myfaces. It seems that spring
>> injection happens much later resulting in NPE thrown in the method. Is this
>> expected with myfaces inplementation or a bug?

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