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From "R. Müller" <>
Subject howto put inline javascript rendered by myfaces&tomahawk into CDATA-section
Date Mon, 07 Jan 2008 10:58:23 GMT
hallo group,

i'm working with myfaces/tomahawk 1.1.5 & facelets 1.1.3 with tomcat 
5.0.28 and mostly firefox-browsers (2.0.x) and trying to serve 
xhtml-compliant pages. i know that myfaces renders 'only' html 4.01. i'm 
forcing contentType 'text/xml' or 'application/xhtml+xml' by adding the 
contentType-attribute to the 'f:view'-tag :

<f:view contentType="application/xhtml+xml">

most stuff works well. but sometimes firefox gets stuck on not 
well-formed parts of the page, mostly because the rendered 
javascript-code from varoius components is not embedded into a 
CDATA-section - just a plain script-tag :

<script type="text/javascript">

so firefox checks this content as well and gets stuck. i.e. :

		if((typeof target!='undefined') && target != null)

		function oamSubmitForm(formName, linkId, target, params)

is there any control on howto render javascript ? is there an easy way 
to put these parts into CDATA-sections to get well-formed xml-pages ?

thanks a lot



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