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From "Tomek GoĊ‚embiewski" <>
Subject Re: [Trinidad] tr:navigationTree or tr:tree nodes opened and closed afeter click on link or navigationItem
Date Wed, 12 Dec 2007 15:44:03 GMT
Hello Gerhard

I've spent some time on that issue and in my opinion there are to ways to
achieve that basic tree functionality in Trinidad.

1. set on every container node onclick property with this:
false; (witch is exact onClick function on open node icon)
   where _adftreeMainLayout_DrawView_TopView2_menuComponent depands of
course on apps, and id is id of link node.

problems with this approach:
 a) container nodes with this onClick hardly can do anything else then
opening node, fte nodes in navigation tree only opens and do not set focus
from menu model with breadcrumbs component
 b) id of item nodes are generated in some enigmatic way to me. In
know there is a way to get them from code but now i only can hardcode
those id in menuItem
I mean those ids: MainLayout:DrawView:TopView2:menuComponent:0:link,
MainLayout:DrawView:TopView2:menuComponent:2:link etc etc.
 c) implementing a closing menu item with the same js its difficult, I have
to save some where in js array state of each node maybe with is quite stupid
cos tree knows what is its state on java side.

2 approach is to use action listener and build RowKeySet connected to
disclosedRowKeys property add every time user click container
node add new RowKey entry and reload tree via ppr

I implemented
1 solution 'cos I cant find how to build properly RowKeySet Object from scratch.
I'm not very happy with this solution.

If You solved those issue somehow I'll appreciate any help on that.

best regards Tomek

On 12/12/07, Gerhard Petracek <> wrote:
> hello tomek,
> at the moment i'm not aware of an out-of-the-box functionality, which
> meets your requirement.
> however, i already implemented something similar. it's a lot of
> unaesthetic handwork.
> if there is no other suggestion and you really need this functionality,
> i'll look into your specific requirement.
> regards,
> gerhard
> 2007/12/12, Tomek GoĊ‚embiewski <>:
> >
> > Is it possible to open a node in tree with click on link f.t.e.
> > navigationItem link and not only on plus and minus sign in tree? The same
> > for navigation tree.
> > How to achieve that? Maybe someone could post an example code?
> >
> > regards
> > Tomek
> >
> >
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