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From "Volker Weber" <>
Subject Re: Tobago date/time tags in popups
Date Fri, 07 Dec 2007 09:33:14 GMT
Hi Piotr,

tx:date should be no problem in popups.

tx:date is just a tx:in with attached calendar popup, so if tx:in
works tx:date did also.

I don't understand what you mean to date/time tags in menu, you can't
have tc:in in menu.
but you should be able to open a popup with a tc:calendar from a menuItem.


2007/12/6, Malakis <>:
> Hi.
> I wanted to ask how can I use Tobago tags tc:date and time in popups. In demo is an example
which presents tx:date in popup and value is remembered properly in popup. But it isn't assigned
to any JavaBean so it can not be used in other parts of application.
> I tested saving tx:date values from popup in beans, but value was never assigned to bean.
Of course text and check box was assigned properly, exactly as in demo.
> So mine question is: is there any possibility to get tc/tx date/time values from popup?
> And second: I want to use date/time tags in menu, is there any other from popup manner
to do this?
> Cheers
> Piotr Baraniak

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