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From "Rafal Markut" <>
Subject Problem with form
Date Thu, 06 Dec 2007 16:35:36 GMT

I have application in JSF (exactly in MyFaces) + springframwork + hibernate.

The application is very easy, namely there is list of records. When I click 
on some record (or press NEW button) then I get form where I can add 
new/modify records. When I press SAVE then it saved changes in the database 
and goes to the list.

Sometimes (not so often) when a user presses SAVE then it lands in this same 
If user adds new record then he sees empty form.
If user modifies record then he sees form with "old" data (without 

There is no error or exception in logs.

This application is more or less built in following way:
ListBean - JSF bean, which is responsible for calling list of records.
ArticleBean - JSF bean, which is resplosible for single article (record). 
Here is definition of method SAVE.

When it displays record then it calls both beans. When we press SAVE then 
sometimes calls ONLY ListBean (he doesn't call Save action at all!!)

Meantime that calling:
getQueryString(): null
getRequestURI(): /raport/article.html

Normally when it calls article then in QueryString should be some 
parameters. But there is nothing in this case.
What's more, when it's editing then it shows "old" data in that record 
(without our corrections).

It seems that JSF doesn't call action and he calls beans in wrong way. I 
looked deep in code but I coudn't find anything.
I tried with action and actionListener - withour result.

This problem appears in average 2-3 in week and I'm not able to reproduce 

Some of JARs, which I use

Do you have any idea what could it be ?

with best regards,

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