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From Schröder, Mario <>
Subject Tobago: Validationproblem
Date Fri, 16 Nov 2007 14:43:55 GMT
Hi everybody,


I'm having a tc:selectOnceChoce-component that contains a list of years as string. I'd like
to set a select year in the bean as a Date-Object by using a converter. The converter runs
without an error but the Tobago-Framework throws a ValidationException. 

In the log I find this message: 2007-11-16 15:10:17 ERROR - org.apache.myfaces.tobago.context.ResourceManagerImpl:292
- Path not found, and no fallback. Using empty string.


I tried to fix the problem with my own Validator, but I still get the same Problem. When I
use a string instead of a date in the bean it works. But I don't want a String since this
will cause problems somewhere else. 

What can I do? Who can help me?


Partial source code:



<tc:selectOneChoice value="#{controller.currentMedia.yearOfPubl}" id="year"

              disabled="#{not controller.editor}" >

            <f:converter converterId="books.YearListConverter" />

            <f:selectItems value="#{controller.yearList}" />




This is the bean with the date:



public class Book extends Hardware {

            private static final long serialVersionUID = -1766787777560262298L;


            private URL url;

            private Date yaerOfPubl;


            /** Creates a new instance of Book */

            public Book() {




            public URL getUrl() {

                        return url;



            public void setUrl(URL url) {

                        this.url = url;



            @Temporal(value = TemporalType.DATE)

            public Date getYearOfPubl() {

                        return yaerOfPubl;



            public void setYearOfPubl(Date yearOfPubl) {

                        this.yaerOfPubl = yearOfPubl;









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