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From "Volker Weber" <>
Subject Re: Getting all currently loaded managed beans in a phase listener
Date Thu, 29 Nov 2007 20:07:00 GMT

the properties of managed beans are set in the order they occur in the
faces-config.xml. This is in the spec, so you can use the last
property setter as


2007/11/29, Todd Nine <>:
> Hi all,
>   I'm using a combination of Spring and MyFaces for my project.  Since I use
> the managed bean properties to inject my Spring beans into my managed beans,
> I'm unable to do initialization in the constructor, and I really need to
> implement a callback in my managed beans to initialize values from the
> Spring business objects.  I have created something similar to the example on
> the following site.
> However, I'm dealing with a legacy application, and I can't depend on a
> standard naming convention as the example does, there is far too much code
> to refactor everything.  Is there any way I can get all currently loaded
> beans in the current thread instead of using something like the following to
> explicitly return it?
> event.getFacesContext().getApplication().createValueBinding(beanName).getValue(ctx);
> Thanks,
> Todd

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