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From Costa Basil <>
Subject java.lang.IllegalStateException: ExtensionsFilter not correctl
Date Mon, 05 Nov 2007 01:02:48 GMT

I am using Myfaces core 1.1.5/Tomahawk 1.1.6 on a weblogic 9.1/jdk1.5.0_4 jrockit server on
a redhat linux server. Rarely -3 times so far from June- I get the exception below.

I never got it on my computer, I never got it in the test environment, only 3 times in production.
There are no error messages before this error, just this error out of the blue. I restart
weblogic and everything is fine. 

I did my homework, I configured everything according to the documents. I am not using forwards
and I use redirections so I think what was described in the faq (
- search for extensionsfilter) doesn't apply here.  

Did you see this error? I checked the source code (here is the link to the class
and it is almost as if the web.xml file is not parsed properly. I am worried that every time
the weblogic server is restarted the app will not be working properly because of this error.
java.lang.IllegalStateException: ExtensionsFilter not correctly configured. Resource mapping
missing. Resources cant be delivered. Please see:
    at org.apache.myfaces.renderkit.html.util.AddResourceFactory.throwExtensionsFilterMissing(
    at org.apache.myfaces.renderkit.html.util.AddResourceFactory.checkEnvironment(
    at org.apache.myfaces.renderkit.html.util.AddResourceFactory.getInstance(
    at org.apache.myfaces.custom.document.DocumentHeadRenderer.writeBeforeEnd(
    at org.apache.myfaces.custom.document.AbstractDocumentRenderer.closeTag(
    at org.apache.myfaces.custom.document.AbstractDocumentRenderer.encodeEnd(
    at javax.faces.component.UIComponentBase.encodeEnd(
    at javax.faces.webapp.UIComponentTag.encodeEnd(
    at javax.faces.webapp.UIComponentTag.doEndTag(


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