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From Scott O'Bryan <>
Subject Re: Trinidad portlet (JSR-301 ???)
Date Tue, 20 Nov 2007 15:01:07 GMT
Check out the MyFaces "Portlet Bridge" project.  It's an open source 
implementation of JSR-301Bridge and addresses many of the issues that 
the Oracle Bridge addressed.  As a matter of fact, Oracle is the spec 
lead on the project and the MyFaces Portlet Bridge is being developed as 
the R.I.

Now for the unfortunate part, The JSR-301 bridge spec is still under 
development as is the MyFaces Portlet Bridge.  There is not yet a lot of 
documentation on it and there are still issues with Trinidad and this 
bridge but we are doing our best to work though those as they come up.  
I can tell you that newer versions of the WebCenter will use this bridge 
once the spec is complete and Apache has released the Bridge Implementation.

If I were you, I would develop using the Oracle Webcenter bridge for now 
and, with but a few exceptions, you should be able to substitute this 
bridge in the near future as we work though the issues.  One thing I 
know that this bridge will NOT solve without some Oracle code is 
integration with Trinidad and ADFm.  But if you don't use ADFm, you 
should be fine.

Hope that helps,
  Scott O'Bryan

Andre Jochems wrote:
> Hi,t
> Is it posible to make a portlet with Trinidad? I have been trying all 
> kinds of posibilities and combinations of portlet bridges (open 
> portal, apache, oracle webcenter) and containers but i am only able to 
> realize it until know with the oracle webcenter libraries. Since they 
> are bound by a very expensive license it is not a viable option for 
> me. My requirement is that i need a WSRP JSF portlet that van be 
> consumed by Oracle Portal (or any other wsrp consuming portal). Aside 
> from webcenter i have not been able until now to produce a working 
> example with opensource alternatives. Are there any clear samples, 
> tutorials, howtos on how to proceed?
> I also found the new JSR301 code donation but there is absolutely no 
> documentation yet. Since it is also donated by oracle i was hoping 
> that it could replace the webcenter jsf bridge with it to use it with 
> trinidad ....
> Kind Regards,
> Andre Jochems

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