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From NABA <>
Subject Re: How is it possible to build a modular Project with JSF or other approach
Date Sat, 17 Nov 2007 09:19:06 GMT
Hi Neil...
At first, I'm student and my english is not so good..
I m trying to understand how is it possible to develop software modular.
Which technics are given!
In my experience: mostly when big software-projects starts the people 
try to get a view about the whole problem!
And the software-deveopment-process starts to develop the system with 
the whole extent of complexity and difficutlties.
You will have so many vantages when you separate your system in modules. 
It is not always possible, but when it is possible, it should be done.
At this time I'm working on a project. We develop a system which shold 
help industries to manage facilities.
> 1) What platform are you using/considering?  Tomcat?  JBoss?
I m using
MyFaces 1.5
JBoss 4.2.X
> 2) How much do you understand about servlets, JSPs and web applications?
This is my first job, who I m working on a web-project!!
I never didn't  work with servlets!! But I understand basically how 
jsf-works and I m working with it.
I m working with EJBs3.0 too.
> 3) What other technologies do you know?  What's "wrong" with them?
All my jobs before, they was softwaredeveloping for standalone 
applications. c++, java, vb and so on..
The approach of stanalone is not the same like web-projects.
> 4) What are you trying to do?  Are you a manager?  A professional
> developer?  A student? 
I would like be professional developer and I m working on it :-)
I'm trying to undersatnd how is it possible to implement a System 
separated in modules. Which technics can be used there.
I'm not looking for a system architecture. It is clear, that the system 
architecture, should implement this. But which technics can be used to 
implement such architecture.

I hope I described my request so that you can understand it.

thx for help..

> A useful place to start would be googling for "jsp tutorial" or "jsp
> tutorial sun" or "servlet tutorial" or "JSF tutorial sun".
> Good luck,
> Neil
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> From: NABA [] 
> Sent: November 16, 2007 11:21 AM
> To: MyFaces Discussion
> Subject: How is it possible to build a modular Project with JSF or other
> approach
> Hi..
> I'm looking for a modular system architecture.
> When I start a JSF-project, the framework gives me the possibility to 
> develop a software in one package.
> How is it possible to start a project that can be a part of system with 
> different modules.
> Example: I have a base module. When it starts, this base module looks in
> my deploy folder for other war-projects and when it finds
> a certain war file, it offers the possiblity to starts this project.
> I haven't any idea how it can be possible and where should I look for 
> more information and which technic can be used to make it possible.
> I'm deeply grateful for any motivations and ideas!
> thx
> naba

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