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From "Neil Pitman" <>
Subject Session context was RE: Question about FacesContext
Date Wed, 21 Nov 2007 08:37:33 GMT
Hi Naba,

The Session object and JSF are both part of the web layer.  For all
intents and purposes they are tightly bound together in webapps.  I
think that both should be unknown to EJBs or other model/data layers.
The boundary between webapps and appservers should allow simple domain
objects, but no technology decisions on either side; it becomes a real
pain when you want to change a web technology, but the server has become
dependent on it.

My comment regarding HTTPSessions was more a question of clutter.
Obviously you need essential objects, like user key, and objects related
to the interaction or user preferences, since they are costly to obtain,
and should be near at hand for every subsequent request.

The question is whether every class should know exactly how they are
stored. And have to fetch them itself.

I would prefer a SessionWrapper class that has specific get/set methods
with strong typing rather than a free-for-all of hardcoded session
queries like: session.getAttribute("isBlueMonday");

The session object tends to get bloated, because everyone puts in, but
no one dares clean it.  You need to pass the session around in every
call; it would be better to use a managed bean or a spring bean.  This
bean can certainly use the session for holding data.  But, it is the
only one holding the keys, literally.  Other classes do not need to find
the key or make sure that it's correctly initialized, or decide whether
the whole object is stored or just the keys.  And best of all, if some
session attribute is getting corrupted, you can breakpoint the
SessionWrapper access to it.

Right now, I have a reasonably complex JSF system.  I only keep the some
keys related to the principle there.  Again, for performance and
clustering reasons, an essential (only the essential) session object is
much better.  (let's not even talk about programmer sanity!)


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From: NABA [] 
Sent: November 21, 2007 3:18 AM
To: MyFaces Discussion
Subject: Re: Question about FacesContext

Hi Neil!!
Is it a bad thing too, to access the session in JSF??
I do it all the time to get some beans from the session!!
Or do you answerd only the question from pdt! the access to a session 
from the ejb?


Neil Pitman schrieb:
> Hi Pdt,
> Whoa! That does not sound like a very good thing.  JSF is definitely a
> web-layer/presentation thing.  While it might work in JBoss, accessing
> the HTTP Sessions or HTTP Requests or JSF objects are a really bad
> Here is a short and incomplete list of bad things that could happen:
> 1) Web objects are not necessarily serializable, and if they are, then
> modifications made in an EJB may be lost if the serialization is one
> 2) Even if it works, these are big objects with complex graphs of
> subobjects or sister objects, the performance hit could be large
> 3) JBoss is outside the EJB spec when it allows collocated web apps
> enterprise apps to see each others' class loader.  Migration to other
> app servers will be problematic
> 4) The dependencies become nightmarish
> 5) The appserver now depends on the JSF (again, an inversion of
> dependencies) so that a webservice might need to simulate JSF
> 6) kiss goodbye to any hope of decoupling the webserver from the
> appserver for performance reasons.
> If there is data that you need from the context, like domain keys,
> these should be passed in explicitly as parameters to the session
> These can be fundamental types like Strings, or your own value
> I have spent the last 2 months trying to understand a webapp with
> kind of data item, control flag and return code in their HTTPSession
> object keyed with hardcoded strings.  Use simple serializable value
> objects; life is easier that way.
> Neil
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> From: pdt_p [] 
> Sent: November 21, 2007 12:33 AM
> To:
> Subject: Question about FacesContext
> Hi...
> I have 1 JSF ear, and 1 ejb ear deployed in a Jboss.
> normally, we execute FacesContext.getCurrentInstance() in order to get
> current facescontext. But this method will return null when you
> it
> in one of the ejb class.
> is that possible to get JSF faces context from one of ejb class?
> if it's possible, how to do it?
> any idea
> thanks
> Pdt

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