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From "Michal Margiel" <>
Subject trinidad <tr:convertDateTime>
Date Wed, 24 Oct 2007 19:56:43 GMT

I am new to Trinidad framework, but I use JSF (both Sun and Apache
implementation) for some time.

Now in my work we are developing application based on Seam/JSF 1.2 (sun
implementation)/facelets and since we would like
to use some of the cool features provided by TRINIDAD library i have one

One of first feature we would like to use is convertDataTime, because ,
contrary to sun implementation, it allows me to define my own error message
if user provides invalid date format in input field.

And here comes my question - can I use contrary <tr:convertDateTime> for
<h:inputText> ? or it can be used only in input fields provided by trinidad
?? (tr:inputText i.e.)

I have made
some tests - and converted never showed me message defined in proper
attribute <tr:convertDateTime>
tag when I used it to "ordinary" inputText.

<h:inputText .... >
<tr:convertDateTime pattern="yyyy-MM-dd" messageDetailConvertDate=" test
Message {0}{1}{2}" />

but when I changed h:inputText to tr:inputText everything was fine.

since i can't use trinidad input in our xhtml pages (I wrote our own
inputText tag base on Sun implementation to provide security service) is
there any way to use <tr:convertDateTime> with <h:inputText>? If not - can U
provide me some ideas how can I provide me own error
message to standard converter?

Best regards
Michal Margiel

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