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From "Zied Hamdi" <>
Subject [tobago] tree edition: I need a popup
Date Wed, 17 Oct 2007 14:33:00 GMT

It's been a while all is ok for me with Tobago, unfortuately I'm encountring
a problem where I need help again.

I have a tree where I've added an actionListener to edit add and remove
nodes: I'm attemping to use the embedded edition mecanisme so I create my
action listner extending DefaultTreeActionListener but I need to open a
popup when the buttons "new" or "edit" are clicked, so I can fill in the
node info.

The only solution I can imagine for now is to get the bb in the listener and
set a popup flag to true (and save the ActionEvent somewhere in session
scope), then wait for the ok button to get the tree from the ActionEvent and
add it the newly created node, it seems to me a little ugly programming :-).
Is there a way to say directly in the tree action listener to open a popup :







            <f:actionListener type="" />


Or can you explain me a little (or redirect me to) how was thougth the use
case for editing a node?

Zied Hamdi

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