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From "Zied Hamdi" <>
Subject [tobago] Tag vs. component with facelets
Date Thu, 04 Oct 2007 11:27:38 GMT

I have a little problem with runtime vs build-time tags:

I have a component page categories.xhtml containing the snippet:

                  <c:if test="#{not empty ajaxScope}">



                             value="#{ajaxScope}" />


included by a page as follows:

                             <ui:include src="/contract/categories.xhtml">



                                         value=":page:mainInfoTabPanel" />


The c:if evaluates correctly at build time and adds the attribute to its
parent. But it seems tc:attribute evaluates at runtime: it finds null.

Having two varibales one runtime and one build time with the same value is a
little barbar.

Anyone knows how to resolve this? Any idea is welcome.


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