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From Joe Rossi <>
Subject [|Trinidad] RE: Problem auto-refreshing tables
Date Thu, 11 Oct 2007 18:42:20 GMT
Any pointers on this one from the Trinidad experts? This is about to really start hitting my
project deliverables :-(

My gut feel is that it Trinidad is comparing old state to new state to work out whether or
not to send a PPR update to the table and it's somehow failing if the last row is removed?
If one of the Trinidad gurus points me in the right direction of the code I will debug into

btw - it appears that the same problem occurs with removing the last row of a branch in a
tree table.

Subject: Problem auto-refreshing tables
Date: Tue, 2 Oct 2007 18:39:34 +0000

I'm hitting a problem with auto-refreshing of tables using Trinidad 1.2.1, facelets and JSF
1.2 (Sun RI). I've condensed the scenario down to a small test case shown below. The summary

- I have a page which displays a table containing a collection of objects 
- Each row of the table contains two command links - one to edit the row and another to delete
the row
- Both links pop-up a dialog with details of the row. Hitting the "save" button on the dialog
will either save the edit changes (if invoked from the edit link) or delete the row (if invoked
from the delete link).
- The table has a partialTriggers attribute which attempts to refresh the table contents whenever
a row is edited or deleted (i.e. partialTriggers contains the ids of the edit and delete links)
- Everything appears to work fine apart from deletion of the last row in the table whereby
the table does not automatically refresh. 

Is this a bug or am I doing something silly? Is there a better way to achieve what I'm trying
to do?

thanks in advance for any help.

Here's the source code:

widgetList.xhtml (page containing the table):=============================<!DOCTYPE htmlPUBLIC
"-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN"""><tr:document
id="testForm" title="test form"  xmlns:h=""  xmlns:f=""
 xmlns:ui=""  xmlns:tr="">
 <tr:panelBorderLayout>    <tr:form id="widgetListForm">      <tr:panelGroupLayout
layout="vertical">        <tr:commandButton text="Create New Widget"          action="dialog:widgetDialog"
         useWindow="true" partialSubmit="true"          windowHeight="300" windowWidth="400"
         id="createWidgetCommand">          <tr:setActionListener from="#{widgetListBean.newWidgetBean}"
           to="#{pageFlowScope.widgetBean}" />          <tr:setActionListener from="#{'create'}"
           to="#{pageFlowScope.widgetBean.operation}" />        </tr:commandButton>
       <tr:commandButton text="Refresh Page" id="refreshCommand">        </tr:commandButton>
       <tr:table id="widgetTable" var="widgetBean"          value="#{widgetListBean.widgetList}"
rowBandingInterval="1"          partialTriggers="refreshCommand createWidgetCommand widgetTable:editWidgetCommand
widgetTable:deleteWidgetCommand">          <tr:column>            <f:facet name="header">
             <tr:outputText value="Widget Name" />            </f:facet>     
      <tr:outputText value="#{}" />          </tr:column>     
    <tr:column>            <f:facet name="header">              <tr:outputText
value="Actions" />            </f:facet>            <tr:panelGroupLayout layout="horizontal">
             <tr:commandLink action="dialog:widgetDialog"                useWindow="true"
partialSubmit="true"                windowHeight="300" windowWidth="400"                id="editWidgetCommand"
               shortDesc="Edit the widget.">                <tr:image source="/skins/tn/images/ico_edit.gif"
/>                <tr:setActionListener from="#{'edit'}"                  to="#{widgetBean.operation}"
/>                <tr:setActionListener from="#{widgetBean}"                  to="#{pageFlowScope.widgetBean}"
/>              </tr:commandLink>              <tr:commandLink action="dialog:widgetDialog"
               useWindow="true" partialSubmit="true"                windowHeight="300" windowWidth="400"
               id="deleteWidgetCommand"                shortDesc="Delete the widget.">
               <tr:image source="/skins/tn/images/ico_delete.gif" />               
<tr:setActionListener from="#{'delete'}"                  to="#{widgetBean.operation}"
/>                <tr:setActionListener from="#{widgetBean}"                  to="#{pageFlowScope.widgetBean}"
/>              </tr:commandLink>            </tr:panelGroupLayout>       
  </tr:column>        </tr:table>      </tr:panelGroupLayout>    </tr:form>
 </tr:panelBorderLayout></tr:document>widgetDialog.xhtml (the dialog that gets
popped up when edit or delete is clicked):==========================================================<!DOCTYPE
htmlPUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN"""><tr:document
id="testDialog" title="Dialog"  xmlns:h=""  xmlns:f=""
 xmlns:ui=""  xmlns:tr="">
 <tr:form id="widgetDialogForm">    <tr:panelFormLayout id="widgetDialogForm" inlineStyle="width:20%">
     <tr:inputText label="Widget Code"        value="#{}"
       id="nameField" required="true" showRequired="true"        requiredMessageDetail="Widget
name must be entered."        maximumLength="10"/>      <f:facet name="footer"> 
      <tr:panelButtonBar>          <tr:commandButton id="saveCommand"           
text="#{pageFlowScope.widgetBean.operation}"            action="#{pageFlowScope.widgetBean.commitAction}"
/>          <tr:commandButton id="cancelCommand" text="Cancel"            action="#{pageFlowScope.widgetBean.cancelAction}"
           immediate="true" />        </tr:panelButtonBar>      </f:facet>
   </tr:panelFormLayout>  </tr:form></tr:document> (backing
bean for the main page - manages the collection of widgets)==========================================================public
class WidgetList{  public WidgetList()  {    _createInitialTestValues();  }    public List<Widget>
getWidgetList()  {    return _widgetBeans;  }    public Widget getNewWidgetBean()  {    Widget
widget = new Widget(this, "");    widget.setOperation("create");    return widget;  }    private
void _createInitialTestValues()  {    _widgetBeans.add(new Widget(this, "w1"));    _widgetBeans.add(new
Widget(this, "w2"));    _widgetBeans.add(new Widget(this, "w3"));  }  private List<Widget>
_widgetBeans = new ArrayList<Widget>();} (backing bean for the individual
rows)=================================/** * Widget is a test bean */public class Widget{ 
public Widget(WidgetList widgetList, String name)  {    _widgetList = widgetList;    _name
= name;  }    public String getName()  {    return _name;  }  public void setName(String name)
 {    _name = name;  }  public String getOperation()  {    return _operation;  }  public void
setOperation(String operation)  {    assert(operation.equals("edit") || operation.equals("create")
|| operation.equals("delete"));    _operation = operation;  }  public String commitAction()
 {    if (_operation.equals("create"))    {      _widgetList.getWidgetList().add(this);  
 }    if (_operation.equals("delete"))    {      _widgetList.getWidgetList().remove(this);
   }    if (_operation.equals("edit"))    {      // no change to owning collection    }  
 TrinidadFacesUtils.endDialog(_widgetList);    return null;  }    public String cancelAction()
 {    TrinidadFacesUtils.endDialog(this);        return null;  }    @Override  public boolean
equals(Object obj)  {    if (obj instanceof Widget)    {      Widget w = (Widget) obj;   
  return _name.equals(w._name);    }    return false;  }  @Override  public int hashCode()
 {    return _name.hashCode();  }  @Override  public String toString()  {    return _name;
 }  private String _name;  private String _operation = "edit";  private WidgetList _widgetList;}

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