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From Mathew Tucker <>
Subject RE: jscookmenu with layout=vbl using IE6
Date Wed, 10 Oct 2007 10:44:14 GMT

Just in case anyone else is encountering the same problem, the solution appears to be that
a capital 'L' must be used in the layout attribute:

<t:jscookMenu layout="vbL"...>

This fixes the problem so that all submenus now hang left. 

This sounds like a bug, or at least a peculiarity concerning the combination of components
and browser versions I am using:

facelets 1.1.11
tomahawk 1.1.7-SNAPSHOT (jsCookMenu 1.31)
IE 6.0.2800


Subject: jscookmenu with layout=vbl using IE6
Date: Tue, 9 Oct 2007 20:39:35 +0000

Dear all,
I am having a problem trying to use a jscookmenu with a vertical layout and a left-sided submenu
list (<t:jscookMenu layout="vbl" ....>). When I view the output in Internet Explorer
v6 all submenus appear to the *right* of the menu instead of to the left.


Does anyone know what the problem is?




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