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From "Matthias Wessendorf" <>
Subject Re: [announcement] JTK: An Ajax JSF Component Development Framework
Date Wed, 31 Oct 2007 07:57:03 GMT

did a quick look and found these two statements:
-Apache Trinidad requires that the developer create the tag library
file and a renderer.

=> you write meta-data and a renderer. The meta-data is used to
*generate* TLD/the components. Metadata is also useful for tools.

-Components developed with Trinidad only work properly with the
Trinidad view root.

=> there is no "TrinidadViewRoot" class.


On 10/31/07, noah <> wrote:
> Hi Guys, I've got a little sales pitch, but it's not too OT :)
> If you've ever had to develop a JSF component, you know it's not the
> simplest thing in the world.  If you want to Ajax enable your
> component, you can either roll your own Ajax framework, which makes it
> a big hassle for anyone that wants to use it, or tie yourself to an
> existing JSF Ajax framework, e.g. Trinidad PPR, Ajax4JSF, DynaFaces,
> etc. which means your component probably can't be used with the other
> frameworks.
> Well, in bried, I managed to get a master's degree by coming up with a
> solution [1] to this 'problem', which is now an open source project.
> If you want to write Ajaxy JSF components that can be used with any
> JSF Ajax framework, do write them, tried component writing and thought
> it was too much work, or are the least bit interested, please give it
> a try [2]. It only takes 15 minutes.
> Currently we support Trinidad PPR (1.2 only) and DynaFaces. i.e. if
> you write an Ajax enabled component, it will work automagically with
> both frameworks. We're also working on Ajax4JSF support.
> Feedback, interest, donations, suggestions for a better name, etc. are
> greatly appreciated. Sorry, no offers of marriage; already, happily.
> [1] Google Code Page:
> [2] Developer's Guide:
> [3] Mailing List:
> Cheers,
> Noah
> P.S. For those of you on more than one JSF list, sorry for the x-post.
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Matthias Wessendorf

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