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From "Wolf Benz" <>
Subject Re: Don't use Facelets + MyFaces 2.0 + Tomahawk
Date Thu, 11 Oct 2007 15:25:45 GMT
I will resume that soon

-- Great great great!

> Wife... and mother-in-law! (she actually believes I am some kind of
> strange person because spending so many times in front of the
> computer)...

-- I am convinced mothers-in-law will always believe their sons-in-law
are weird creatures, if only because their precious daughter chose -of
all people- "you" instead of her.
They went to diapers, breast-feeding, teenage horror and ... when all
of it finally seemed to come at a presentable end, they run off with
someone that doesn't even seem to bother about all the former. (apart
from, perhaps the breast-feeding part)
We're really drifting off now, although the association between a
Tomahawk axe and mother-in-law is usually not that far-fetched :-)


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