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From "David Uebelacker" <>
Subject Re: [Trinidad] Dynamic content in a popup?
Date Thu, 11 Oct 2007 07:41:07 GMT

you can also use an action listener and pass the content to the

<tr:commandLink action="dialog:theDialog">
  <tr:setActionListener from="#{anyObject}" to="#{pageFlowScope.myData}"


> in the action method of button add logic to populate your dynamic data and
> return "dialog:filname.jsf". In your dialog file you can display data that
> you have generated during action method.
> Cheers,
> Abhishek
> On 10/10/07, Dave Syer <> wrote:
>> I want to press a button and have an action execute to populate some
>> data
>> that then pops up in a panelPopup through PPR.  All the examples of
>> panelPopup I found use static content inside the popup, so I can't see
>> if
>> it
>> is possible, or how it might work.  Is it doable?  Will it be doable?
>> Without PPR, if I put a button in the trigger facet I can get the action
>> to
>> execute, but then the popup a) is one step behind the button click
>> (because
>> it pops up before the action is executed and the Ajax request comes
>> back),
>> and b) it often isn't positioned correctly on the window (the top gets
>> cut
>> off) - how does Trinidad calculate the content height?  With PPR it is
>> sort
>> of the same but worse - sometimes I get the popup (with the wrong
>> content
>> as
>> before) to flash up briefly and then disappear, and sometimes I never
>> even
>> get the server requrest to fire.  Clearly either I am doing it wrong or
>> dynamic popups are not supported.  Anybody got any ideas?
>> --
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