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From "Madhav Bhargava" <>
Subject extended ASCII characters not shown properly on JSF page
Date Fri, 05 Oct 2007 00:38:56 GMT
Hi All,

We have an application which supports extended ASCII characters.
For instance characters like: å, ö, Ç, (c) are a part of content.

I am using myfaces 1.1.5, tomahawk 1.1.5
There are different read only input text fields where content is displayed
to the user. Special characters are part of this content.

When the page comes up then the characters are garbled and a rectangular box
is shown for any extended character. I believe that the encoding is not
happening correctly. Got through the following link which lists down all the
HTML escape characters:

Character: (c)  - Proper encoding should be &#169; The value that comes up is
&#65533; which is rather strange.

I have tried setting the charset of the JSF to both ISO-8859-1 and UTF-8 but
things have not changed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


When I tell the truth, it is not for the sake of convincing those who do not
know it, but for the sake of defending those that do

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