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From Stephen Friedrich <>
Subject Re: [Trinidad] Force Trinidad to display disabled text field rather than plain text?
Date Mon, 15 Oct 2007 07:22:38 GMT
Well, I absolutely agree with you about UI design.
However I don't think Trinidad should force The Right Thing upon its
users. I have argued to my customer about this issue, and he just wants 
it that way, so he'll get it.

It's not at all that important after all - there is a workaround I can 
live with. Maybe if I have a little time to spare, I'll try Andrew's 
suggestion, which is a nicer workaround.

> There's no skinning property.  IMO, Trinidad is absolutely doing the 
> right thing here.  In user interfaces, disabled state should only be 
> used when there is some way for the user to re-enable the field;  in 
> this case, that is not possible, so plain text is giving the user 
> exactly the right feedback.
> -- Adam

On 10/12/07, Stephen Friedrich <> wrote:
> My requirements demand some read-only fields that show detail data of a 
selected table row..
> Currently I have found no other solution than to create setters for these 
fields in my backing bean, even though business logic demands that those values 
will never be changed.
> If I omit the setters Trinidad always renders the values as plain text.
> Am I missing some magic skinning property?

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