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From "Michael Heinen" <>
Subject number conversion and null values
Date Tue, 11 Sep 2007 13:00:17 GMT
I have a conversion problem with doubles and null values.


JSP snippet:


value="#{!empty MyController.category&&
MyController.category.treshold>=0? MyController.category.treshold:''}">

  <f:convertNumber pattern="##0.##"/>



Class Category

  public double getTreshold()


    return this.mTreshold;


  public void setTreshold(double treshold)


    this.mTreshold = treshold;



This is working fine if I enter valid doubles.

The following message is displayed if I enter nothing in the input


Exception setting property Threshold: of base with class
com.recommind.litigation.client.web.model.Category, Bean:
com.recommind.litigation.client.web.model.Category, property:
Threshold:, newValue: null ,newValue class: null method parameter class:
double, null 


The getAsObject method of the NumberConverter returns null as expected.


What should I do now with the treshold property of the Category class ?

I tried without success:

- setTreshold(Double treshold)

- setTreshold(Number treshold)


A workaround is to set the value to 0 via javascript but this is not a
good alternative.



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