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From "Bryan Sevilla" <>
Subject RE: JSF perf test with JMeter, possible?
Date Wed, 26 Sep 2007 11:10:39 GMT
Hi Volker,

I'm quite new to jmeter, where should I attach the RegexExtractor? Under

I've tried putting the extractor on the threadgroup where my samplers
reside, and set the javax.faces.ViewState params with ${jsf_viewid} but
it doesn't work? Did I miss something? I wanna know the details of
attaching the extractor in my samplers, can you pls. explain it more.

How does the extractor address the dynamic html IDS (not the viewState)
being generated by the JSF? For instance, I have the following response
html from a datatable:

<tr class="standardTable_Row1">
	<td width="15%">123456789</td>
	<td width="15%"> </td>
	<td width="15%"></td>
	<td width="15%">OK : goodFiles\file04.TIF</td>
	<td width="15%">
        <a id="list:aList:0:_id52" name="list:aList:0:_id52"
href="a.html?id=4" target="newWindow">4</a>            // HREF ONE
	<td class="date" width="20%">25 Sep 2007</td>
	<td class="symbol" width="15%"><img src="/images/check.png"
	<td class="symbol" width="10%">
_SUBMIT=1&amp;a_id=5103&amp;" id="list:aList:0:_id70" class="rollover
view">View</a> // HREF TWO

How would JMETER which to execute HREF ONE or HREF TWO, given on a
multi-user setup for threadGroup?

Thanks for your help...

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Sent: Wednesday, September 26, 2007 4:56 PM
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Subject: Re: JSF perf test with JMeter, possible?

Hi Bryan,

yes it is possible, i'm currently doing this with a tobago app.

My app uses server-side state saving, i think this ViewState Extractor
from the wiki is
for client-side state saving, so i have two different extractors:

      <RegexExtractor guiclass="RegexExtractorGui"
testclass="RegexExtractor" testname="ViewState jsf_tree Extractor"
        <stringProp name="RegexExtractor.useHeaders">false</stringProp>
        <stringProp name="RegexExtractor.refname">jsf_tree</stringProp>
        <stringProp name="RegexExtractor.regex">&lt;input
type=\\?&quot;hidden\\?&quot; name=\\?&quot;jsf_tree\\?&quot;
        <stringProp name="RegexExtractor.template">$1$</stringProp>
        <stringProp name="RegexExtractor.default"></stringProp>
        <stringProp name="RegexExtractor.match_number"></stringProp>

      <RegexExtractor guiclass="RegexExtractorGui"
testclass="RegexExtractor" testname="ViewState jsf_viewid Extractor"
        <stringProp name="RegexExtractor.useHeaders">false</stringProp>
        <stringProp name="RegexExtractor.regex">&lt;input
type=&quot;hidden&quot; name=&quot;jsf_viewid&quot;
id=&quot;jsf_viewid&quot; value=&quot;(.+?)&quot;</stringProp>
        <stringProp name="RegexExtractor.template">$1$</stringProp>
        <stringProp name="RegexExtractor.default"></stringProp>
        <stringProp name="RegexExtractor.match_number"></stringProp>

If you don't change the relevant parts of your views dynamically you
should be able to use the jmeter proxy to record the request and than
edit the parameters to replace the jsf_tree and jsf_viewid values with
the extracted.


2007/9/26, Bryan Sevilla <>:
> I would like to know if it's possible to do performance test using
> with the JSF, specifically, myfaces? Does anybody had already
> implemented performance test for those two?
> I was thinking that I will not be able to execute jmeter concurrently
> because of the nature of the jsf, that it dynamically generates the
> element id's, specially those of datatable elements.
> Could I possibly capture the dynamic IDs jsf generated on the fly,
just like
> the what wiki mentioned for the ViewState?
> If Jmeter and jsf performance testing is not possible, is there any
> alternative solution for doing performance test with JSF?
> ViewState Extractor
> To simulate the ViewState parameter create a JMeter RegEx Extractor.
> best approach is to apply the extractor to the Thread Group so it
> across the whole test script. Use the following parameters:
> Would appreciate any help.
> Regards,
> Bryan

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