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From Schröder, Mario <>
Subject Input & ValueChangeListener
Date Tue, 18 Sep 2007 07:56:18 GMT


I'm having a problem with a valuechangelistener attached to an input field in Tobago. 

The method in the Bean is never been called. Strange enough, with Sun's JSF reference implementation
and just one input field the listener works fine. But as soon as I add another input field
nothing happens.

What might be the problem?


Any suggestions are appreciated.



Here are snippets of my code:


The Controller:




public class EventController{

      private Log log;

      private String someValue;


      public EventController() {

            log = LogFactory.getLog(this.getClass());



      public String getSomeValue() {

            return someValue;



      public void setSomeValue(String someValue) {

            this.someValue = someValue;



      public void processValueChange(ValueChangeEvent e)

                  throws AbortProcessingException {

  "==== Change Event: " +e);




The jsp:


    <f:facet name="layout">

      <tc:gridLayout rows="fixed" columns="fixed;fixed "/>



    <tc:out value="Value:"/>

    <tc:in value="#{controller.someValue}" id="in" valueChangeListener="#{controller.processValueChange}"/>













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