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From "Yaron Spektor" <>
Subject RE: How to work with JSF components and HTML Web Prototype Designer?
Date Sun, 02 Sep 2007 20:31:01 GMT
We let our web designer do his thing in html and then SLAVED over making
those designs into JSF.
Since JSF technology is still new, we found that many things needed to
be tweaked in order for JSF to work.

We had no other option, but if you could hire someone that knows some
programming and let them do it in JSF that could potentially save you a
lot of time.

A simple example are the <span> tags JSF puts around each component,
they use "id" and not "class", so we had to tweak the CSS until w could
get the same look and feel.

Hope this helps,

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From: distillingweb [] 
Sent: Sunday, September 02, 2007 12:18 PM
Subject: How to work with JSF components and HTML Web Prototype


I would like to know your experience working in the generation of
prototype. We have adopted the concept to ask 
for a person in our team that knows HTML (no programming experience) to
start doing some prototypes using Exadel and
Eclipse. My suggestion would be to use DreamWeaver instead, but using
Exadel directly would provide us with the components
we are going to use, instead of plain HTML. 

The problems we are facing is that the person is so scared with the JSF/
Exadel environment, since he does not programming 
background. We keep saying to him that he need to generate only HTML
with the JSF components, however, I am not sure
if we are requiring too much and if could have a easier way to him and
we could take advantage of the JSF components
at the same time in the prototype elaboration.

Thank you very much in advance.


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