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From "Matthias Wessendorf" <>
Subject Re: Trinidad sandbox or any other place where to find components added by Trinidad users?
Date Fri, 07 Sep 2007 09:08:57 GMT

currently there is no sandbox project in trinidad's svn nor a sandbox
component in trinidad's jira. Sounds like a good idea (see recent
discussion on dev list).

In the past, users added components/enhancements by simply creating a
jira issue and attaching the source.  After some discussions (those
belong to the dev-list), there was the decision to put them into the
trunk (see [1] as an example of this).

Same is true for sandbox in tomahawk:
-Create a jira issue
-attach the source
-start discussion (could be done in front of starting the work...)

once, someone feels comfortable with the *patch*, the committers put's
it into the sandbox.

The difference is only that there *is* a SVN project "sandbox" in
tomahawk, but not in trinidad.



On 9/7/07, <> wrote:
> Hi,
> Somewhere on the Trinidad site or JIRA there is supposed to be an area where
> to put and get components developed by Trinidad users.
> Actually, where is it? I did not find. However, I think I remember someone
> wrote in
> an article on Trinidad that there is one, is not there ? .. ;)
> Many thanks,
> Wolfgang.

Matthias Wessendorf

further stuff:
mail: matzew-at-apache-dot-org

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