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From "Abhijit Ghosh" <>
Subject Re: [Trinidad] Internet Explorer 5.5 ?
Date Thu, 06 Sep 2007 13:53:13 GMT
Is there any specific reason you are sticking to IE 5 ? It is fairly ancient
and Microsoft provides IE downloads for free.
I am by no means an expert on this,so please take my comment with a pinch of
salt.I am also assuming you are talking about IE 5 on windows and not IE 5
on the Mac(which had a very good reputation as a browser wrt CSS and DOM
The main IE6 enhancements were:
doctype mode switching was added, the box model was fixed in standards mode
and DOM level 1 support was improved.
Now these are fairly important features.It is difficult to predict what
might break in IE5.Trinidad should render reasonably well in quirks
mode.Atbest you might see some minor layout issues,at worst you might
seem major
layout issues along with javascript errors on some of your pages.

You can probably run through the demos in IE5 to see if there are any major


On 9/6/07, Stephen Friedrich <> wrote:
> I need to support IE 5.5 in my web app.
> However I've read in Trinidad's release notes that only IE 6.0 is
> supported.
> Is this a hard criteria?
> If so I probably won't be able to use Trinidad at all :-(
> Can anybody comment?

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