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From Björn Thalheim <>
Subject [Trinidad] tr:inputDate vs. servlet mapping
Date Wed, 26 Sep 2007 14:26:12 GMT

I'd like to use just a plain
	<tr:inputDate binding="#{backend.variable}" />
in a form. Unfortunately, the popup-Window which opens when clicking at 
the calendar icon of the inputDate-tag returns me:
	HTTP Status 404 -
´	type 		Status report
	description	The requested resource () is not available.
The corresponding log message is:
PWC6117:File "bla\bla}bla\myModule\__ADFv__.jsp" not found|#]

This is a problem of the servlet mapping in my web.xml. It at the moment 
looks like this:
   <!-- Faces Servlet Mappings -->

   <!-- I wouldn't mind getting rid of this entry. -->


If I used only the second of these mappings, the inputDate would work, 
according to,
but this is not an option because then everything else wouldn't work.

Is there any way to get this running without the faces -> /faces/* 
servlet mapping? And preferably, without hacking the trinidad taglibs? 
That would be really helpful.


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