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From Gregg Leichtman <>
Subject Clean way to replace Trinidad shuttle button functionality?
Date Wed, 19 Sep 2007 11:38:39 GMT
I looked in the forum archive and didn't see anything pertinent to this

Is there a recommended way to replace the JavaScript functionality of
the shuttle buttons such as move, remove, move up, move down, etc.? I
see that these "buttons" are generated as anchor href's using JavaScript
bookmarklets, but there is no generated HTML ID or name associated with
the buttons and the only way that I can see to modify the generated
JavaScript code is to track down the link tag using the unique button
text, which is a fragile way to do this of course, and then replace the
href handler with my own bookmarklet handler.

I want to do this, because I need to trigger additional JavaScript
functionality when the user clicks these buttons.

                                                   -=> Gregg <=-

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