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From Ted Goddard <>
Subject Re: Which components to use?
Date Thu, 06 Sep 2007 15:42:38 GMT

ICEfaces can definitely be used with either Seam or Spring.
In both cases, existing Seam and Spring applications using
the standard JSF components can be converted to Ajax applications
simply by adding the ICEfaces libraries.

Mixing ICEfaces with Ajax4JSF components is not yet supported.
In the areas where these two frameworks overlap, they take
different approaches, and are currently incompatible.

You can, however, use a variety of Tomahawk components with

In general, many third-party components are compatible with
ICEfaces, provided they maintain their state as form fields.
Components that take this strategy will have their state serialized
to the server via Ajax along with any ICEfaces or other components
within the containing form.


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From: Andrew Robinson <>
To: MyFaces Discussion <>
Sent: Friday, August 31, 2007 5:48:54 PM
Subject: Re: Which components to use?

FYI, you most likely will have issues trying to combind RichFaces,
IceFaces and Trinidad. They all have different AJAX implementations,
and they tend to not play well together sometimes. For example,
Trinidad assumes that all components are rendered, and there is a
RenderingContext they depend on. A4J often skips the rendering of
parent components, and just jumps right to a component to render it.
This causes a lot of friction between A4J and Trinidad.

IceFaces has a completely different implementation and doesn't play
well with 3rd party components, as it really needs special renderers
for all components (at least to get them to use AJAX correctly)

I have used A4J+RichFaces and although I liked A4J, I did not like
RichFaces. I found RichFaces to be Beta quality at best. It works
great if you use the components the way their demo uses them, but if
you stray to far from that they start breaking left and right.

I am using Trinidad + Facelets + Tomahawk + Seam right now and they
are all playing fairly well together. The man issues I have is some of
the Tomahawk controls are not AJAX friendly. They sometimes use local
variables instead of window variables (like the popup component) and
sometimes use document.write, which is not supported in HTML 4 /

I believe Oracle is going to release their rich JSF client controls
soon to the Apache incubator which is based on Trinidad. It should
have some really nice controls if you can wait for them.


On 8/31/07, distillingweb <> wrote:
 > Thanks Andrew for you sharing on the Seam. Anybody has thoughts  
about other
 > components.
 > I am thinking to go for Richfaces + Ajax4JSF + Icefaces and maybe  
 > and Seam, because
 > I am using Spring instead of EJBs.
 > Thank you in advance.
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 > From: Andrew Robinson <>
 > To: MyFaces Discussion <>
 > Sent: Thursday, August 30, 2007 5:23:11 PM
 > Subject: Re: Which components to use? - Seam?!
 > I have never used Spring, so can't help there
 > As for limitations with Seam, there aren't any specific ones. I am
 > just mentioning that in writing some more functionality, I had to get
 > deep into Seam's code. For example, I created my own include tag that
 > works with Trinidad that uses its own view handler that allows links
 > in the include to navigate the view of the include, view of another
 > include of view of the root. I  also wanted the Seam pages.xml
 > functionality to work on these includes (actions, navigation rules,
 > security, etc.). I got it to work, but it took quite a bit of  
 > and some testing.
 > -Andrew
 > On 8/30/07, distillingweb <> wrote:
 > >
 > > Hi Andrew,
 > >
 > > I am using JSF+Hibernate+Spring. The Spring part becomes my  
 > > whether to use Seam or not. However,
 > > I have seen seem some replies of people using the same stack as  
 > > integrating with Seam, but I am not
 > > sure if it has been deployed in production without big issues.
 > >
 > > Thanks. Best wishes.
 > >
 > > ----- Original Message ----
 > > From: Ognjen Blagojevic <>
 > > To: MyFaces Discussion <>
 > > Sent: Thursday, August 30, 2007 11:26:38 AM
 > > Subject: Re: Which components to use? - Seam?!
 > >
 > > Hi Andrew,
 > >
 > > > The only thing you may notice with Seam is that it is very  
 > > > into the JSF lifecycle and if you start doing some advanced  
 > > > with your application you may run into areas where you have to
 > > > consider how you may affect Seam's functionality.
 > >
 > > Can you explain this in more detail? I am also considering using  
 > > and I would like to know its potential limitations.
 > >
 > > Regards,
 > > Ognjen

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