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From "Hendrik Beck" <>
Subject MyFaces on Glassfish
Date Tue, 25 Sep 2007 19:34:33 GMT
Hi all!

I might need to run my MyFaces application on Glassfish. As I haven't done
anythink yet with that app server I wanted to check it out beforehands.
Unfortunately I couldn't find any definitive statements. 

What I could find out (if I understood it right) is, that Glassfish bundles
the JSF Sun-RI with Glassfish and prefers that impl over the one bundled
with the web app (which would be MyFaces in my case). Uhm. Are there any
people out there doing that (I assumed, there must be a lot of people doing
that)? Can anyone give a definitive yes or no?

Maybe another note: I am using the MyFaces impl as well as Tomahawk. Am I
right that these problems are mostly related to MyFaces and not to Tomahawk
because MyFaces and the Sun-RI are kinda competing impls and Tomahawk is
just an "additional package"?

Thanks a lot in advance

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