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From Sushma Sharma <>
Subject Intercepting the request
Date Thu, 20 Sep 2007 15:07:29 GMT
  I have many jsf pages(page1, page2, page 3, page4) where users can make changes, but before
they can submit/save the changes, I have to take them to audit log page, where they have to
enter the remedy id and description of the changes.  Currently what I am doing is I am several
pages(auditpage1, auditpage2, auditpage3 etc..) for the audit log and from each page(page1)
I take the users to corresponding audit page(auditpage1) and in this audt page I specify the
actual bean action to save the changes. 
  Is it possible that I specify actual action methods in page1and on clicking the commandButton/link,
I intercept the request and take then to a single audit log and after user enters the details
and clicks another button, resume the action clicked on the page1.
  let me know if it is possible and how to do it? If there is any other better way to do it,
please suggest.

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