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From kewldude <>
Subject Help with panelTabbedPane
Date Thu, 20 Sep 2007 13:36:23 GMT

I have a panelTabbedPane wherein I have 4 tabs to display all in all. The
catch here is I have 8 <t:panelTab> inside that panelTabbedPane the reason
is because I have an additional <t:panelTab> for each of those 4 tabs. 

Those panelTabs serve the purpose of displaying the tab, but they are not
clickable. (Something like
 <t:panelTab id="firstTab_Empty" label="First Tab"
rendered="#{backendController.publishedContactsSize <= 0}">	</t:panelTab> ).

So my t:panelTab looks like this

<t:panelTab id="firstTab">
<t:panelTab id="firstTab_Empty">

<t:panelTab id="secondTab">
<t:panelTab id="secondTab_Empty">

<t:panelTab id="thirdTab">
<t:panelTab id="thirdTab_Empty">

<t:panelTab id="fourthTab">
<t:panelTab id="fourthTab_Empty">

My question is, how do I dynamically select tabs depending on my logic. Lets
say for a certain logic I want to enable tab number 4. I did the
selectedIndex="3" (since index start  @ 0), but it didnt work. I tried
selectedIndex="7", since if i will consider all the <t:panelTab> tags, it is
the 7th tab, but it didn't work also. 

Care to give a helping hand here? 
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