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From Evgeniy Karimov <>
Subject Re: Tomahawk Savestate strange behaviour
Date Fri, 31 Aug 2007 10:16:47 GMT
As it seems, the problem is described as a feature in comments in tomahawk source code:
 * Note that the saved object can be "chained" from view to view
 * in order to extend its lifetime from a single view to a sequence
 * of views if desired. A UISaveState component with an EL expression
 * such as "#{someBean}" will save the object state after render, and
 * restore it on postback. If navigation occurs to some other view
 * and that view has a UISaveState component with the same EL expression
 * then the object will simply be saved into the new view, thus extending
 * its lifetime.
Seems when I reload same page in another instance of browser, JSP thinks that it's another
view with same binding expression available, and restores same object, which I want to cancel.
Is it possible in any way?

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From: Евгений Каримов <>
Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2007 12:50:52 +0400
Subject: Tomahawk Savestate strange behaviour

> Hi, I have some question about Tomahawk Savestate component:
>  I create a simple for with 3 input boxes, and 1 submit button. I bind their values to
some backBean, which is marked as "request" scope.
>  And I have 
>    <t:saveState value="#{backBean}"></t:saveState>
>  tag.
>  Before I added saveState tag, when I reopen a page in same browser - the values of bean
(and corresponding component values) were new (empty), after I added saveState tag - backBean
started to behave as Session bean, not as "view" scope bean... I mean it shouldn't persist
through different queries, right?
>    Thanks in advance.

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