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From "…rico" Teixeira <>
Subject Re: tomahawk panelTabbedPane with other components behavior
Date Fri, 24 Aug 2007 23:35:10 GMT
Which validations are you reffering to ?

The two things that I tried to implement were scrolling and commandLink action 
but as I said none of them is working

What could be the reason to the components do not work ok under this structure ?

David Delbecq <> wrote:           Check your validation, same kind
of structure here (tabbedpane, ui:insert, datatabels, actions, just not used scroller).
 Be aware of following fact if you use server side tab switching:
 1) switching tabs will not triggers, afaik, the change listeners
 2) when submiting, only the current tab will be submitted, validated, and applied.
 √Črico Teixeira a √©crit : I have a xhtml file where I added a panelTabbedPane and four panelTabs
in it
 Inside first panelTab definition I have facelets <ui:insert> and <ui:include src="tab1.xhtml">
 this tab1.xhtml contains a dataTable and a dataScroller
 My problem is that nothing is working such as scroller events or commandLink actions ...
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