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From Christian Klocker <>
Subject [Trinidad] questions about trinidad
Date Mon, 20 Aug 2007 13:43:12 GMT

i'm working on an project with the following setup: tomcat6 /
myfaces 1.1.5 / trinidad 1.0.2 / seam 1.2.1. here are my accumulated
questions regarding to trinidad:

* trinidad 1.2.1 / tomcat6
ppr-support ist not working on this setup. i've testet ppr with
panelaccordion and paneltabbed. browser reloads when tabs are
switched. is there something to configure to get ppr working?

* facet "toolbar" / showdetailitem
maybe i just don't get it ... the following example used to work
with adf-faces but with trinidad no toolbar is rendered:

<tr:panelAccordion discloseNone="true">
  <tr:showDetailItem text="Panel 1">
    <f:facet name="toolbar">
      <tr:commandButton text="commandButton 1"/>

the tagdoc says: "This facet will not be rendered as part of this
component but should, instead, be rendered by containers which
support toobars.". i hoped that panelaccordion would render the
toolbars for showDetailItems. are there code-examples?

* xhtml output / 1
output is invalide. this seems to be a case with all component
jsf-libraries i saw. is there an alternative renderkit that produces
valide xhtml? if not, do you have a list from components that suffer
on this topic?

* xhtml output / 2
ppr doesn't work when output is set for xhtml. i assume that is
related to the question above?

thanks christian

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