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From Stephen Friedrich <>
Subject [Trinidad] commandNavigationItem.action not workaing at all
Date Fri, 10 Aug 2007 10:19:38 GMT
When I define an action in commandNavigationItem it seems to have no effect at all.
In the following snippet only the first item (that uses destintaion) is working.
The others have no effect at all. Neither the static outcome works, nor does the third
one ever call the processor component.

	<tr:navigationPane level="0" hint="bar">
		<tr:commandNavigationItem id="users" destination="users.seam" text="Basic Data"/>
		<tr:commandNavigationItem id="users2" action="users" text="Basic Data 2"/>
		<tr:commandNavigationItem id="users3" immediate="true" action="#{}" text="Basic
Data 3"/>

I found a few related e-mails in the list archive, but no solution in sight.
- Trinidad 1.2.1
- Facelets CVS (with version detection in FacesAPI patched to recognize
   all trinidad components as JSF 1.2, see my previous mail "Problem with validation in Seam")
- JBoss Seam 2 (CVS)

When I look at the generated html it just contazu7ines a "#" link target:
	<a id="j_id5:users2" name="j_id5:users2" href="#">

Any suggestions how to solve this? I tried to debug, but I am not at all familiar with
faces internals.

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