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From "Érico" Teixeira <>
Subject tomahawk panelTabbedPane with multiple dataTable and dataScroller
Date Mon, 27 Aug 2007 16:38:02 GMT
I have a panelTabbedPane and 4 panelTabs declared int it :

<t:panelTab id="tab1" label="Tab1" rendered="true">
<ui:insert name="sub1">
<ui:include src="tab1.xhtml" />
</t:panelTab> ... 

In all my four tabs I would like to use dataTable and dataScroller 

It works ok for the dataTable in my first tab but when I try to paginate through scroller
in tab1 dataTable it affects the state from the dataTable in my second tab 

For example in my first tab dataTable1 I have 10 records and in my second tab another dataTable
contains only one record 
When I use the dataScroller in my first tab the dataTable in my second tab gets two more elements
like the first one ...

All dataTables point to diferent DataModels and all dataScrollers have diferent actionListeners

Can I do that ? I mean to use dataTables and dataScrollers in diferents xhtml files and each
one of these files be added in panelTabbedPane ?
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