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From Werner Punz <>
Subject Re: Myfaces 1.2.0 setup issues (again)
Date Thu, 19 Jul 2007 19:19:08 GMT
Wolf Benz schrieb:
> Hi List
> It's very cool MyFaces 1.2 finally got out of the door but...
> It's again a true pain setting MyFaces up correctly before it works... 
> (more than it should).
> I remember it took me an entire week before I had MyFaces 1.x configured 
> correctly with the Extension Filter etc. What a waste of time :-(
> In the mean time, other sites have helped out and put a proper Tutorial 
> or a complete "blank app" online but this major new release demands 
> renewed examples and ... is a chance for e renewed approach.
> Yet, with MyFaces 1.2.0 out, I see the old the same mistakes are made 
> again:
> - no examples
> - no info on the web.xml (like: should it specify servlet container v 
> 2.5 now?)
> - no info on the faces-config.xml (like: should it specify 
> or v.1.2?)
> - no info on what jars are exactly required
> - no compatibility matrix (like: works with Tomcat6? Can you use 
> Tomahawk (e.g. of version 1.6) together with MyFaces1.2?
> ...

Hi Wolf, first of all sorry for the lack of examples and documentation 
for now anyway.

I just moved a project testwise up to the current myfaces and sort of 
was pleasantly surprised how good it went, so some help here from my side:

First of all MyFaces 1.2 needs the latest JEE5 implementations of the 
servlet jsp/servlet api and at least java 5 (sorry but that is a 
limitation introduced by JSF 1.2 itself)

So what you have to do, the configuration basically stayed the same from 
what I could tell, I didnt have to alter my old web.xml

You just have to make sure you run on a container which provides the 
latest standard (it was tomcat 6 in my case)

then I removed all jars wich referenced jsp apis, el apis and jasper, or 
serlvet apis, I moved the myfaces libs up to the latest versions as well 
as their dependencies (which come in in the pack)

the last problem and this is a bug in Tomahawk, which I am filing at the 
moment, is a dependency into commons-el, you have to readd the jar if 
you use the sandbox and tomahawk unfortunately, I dont know if this can 
cause sideffects, but so far I couldnt notice one (but I am on facelets 

Once this is done it should run.

> I get the impression the jars are just dumped online and the makers have 
> a great time looking at how users have a terrible time figuring it all 
> out themselves...

Actually no it definitely is not like that, we are no sadists, it is 
more along the lines, that the implementation is way overdue timewise 
and it had to get out asap, so that the server programmers can start 
using it. Expect the situation to improve soon.
(Btw. thanks to all the guys who finally got the release out)

> As I cannot image no one on this list has such example, could someone 
> take the effort of posting the jar online to help all the rest of us out?
> My setup is: Tomcat6, MyFaces 1.2, Tomahawk(if possible in combination 
> with MF1.2.0 - also this info is not online)
> I guess this setup would currently the most common one.
> I spent the last 2 days (starting from my old MF 1.1.5/Toma1.1.5 app on 
> Tomcat 5) trying to migrate it to that setup but to no avail.
Actually if you want contact me either via mail, or via
google talk (same address as posted here) or  via icq 46949386 I am yet 
a mere user of MyFaces 1.2 myself but I might be able to help you out to 
get it running.



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