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From "Vladimir Isakovich" <>
Subject Re: Tomahawk+DataScroller+WorkingWithLargeTables
Date Fri, 06 Jul 2007 03:24:16 GMT
many thanks for your answers.

1. Interestigly enough, after the warning the border is  still applied. If I
try to do the same with style=..., there is no effect.
this has nothing to do with the data fetching.
2. I have a guess about two calls to fetchPage() in the DataModel. May be
it's because we have 2 UIComponents called DataScroller (one with buttons
and another with the message). Shuld it be posted as a bug on dataScroller?
I've seen the defects page on myFaces, but not familiar with the procedure
of addin to that list.
3. I've got it why you have your pageSize being analized and used in
getDataModel(), your page explains it. I'll try to implement the same with
an additional inputText.
4. I also noticed on your page - the dataScroller has just 2 buttons plus
numbers in between. This way your strategy of fetching data chunks should
work. I am using the "standard" scroller which has in addition fast
forward/backward and first/last buttons, and in this case I think I'm better
of calling DB every time (I've no way of predicting what page will be
requested next).
5. Probably next thing I'll try to implement: edit/delete/add, and after
that I'm planning to implement Ajax datascroller. It's not a good user
experiense, when the whole page gets re-rendered on every action.
6. Although I've experience with javaScript, at least when I compare myself
with the java developers I've worked with, but I've never tried using
XmlHttpRequest. I have this book: 'Pro JSF and Ajax', but it was a
diappointment after loading and gettin running their example to find out
that it's based on some proprietary jars. Since you're using this ajax
dataScroller, could you please enlight me on any existing standard for ajax
(are there some 'standard' jars I can use as a base of my app)?

thanks, vlad

On 7/5/07, Paul Iov <> wrote:
> Well... just a bit refining
> Vladimir Isakovich schrieb:
>  Jul 5, 2007 1:12:09 PM com.sun.facelets.tag.jsf.ComponentRule warnAttr
> WARNING: /web/sec/examples/largeTableScroller.xhtml @104,85 border="1"
> Property 'border' is not on type: org.apache.myfaces.component.html.ext.*
> HtmlGraphicImage*
> 2. I also can see a warning...
> It's correct. The old good border="0" for image is deprecated with HTML4.
> We should use CSS instead.

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