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From Dave <>
Subject Re: how to prevent hidden autoScroll from affecting page look
Date Wed, 04 Jul 2007 13:50:29 GMT
Hi David,
  Thanks for your reply.  I just used <h:form>.  The additional space is between "GO"
and  "|".
  I do not know why (<input hidden ...) is there.   If you see anything wrong, please let
me know.
  <h:outputLink value="/">
       <h:outputText value="home"/>
  <h:panelGroup rendered="#{bean.isFoo}">
      <h:commandLink action="#{bean.go}"  value="Go"/>
      <h:commandLink action="#{bean.login}"   value="login" /> 

David Delbecq <> wrote:

I took a look at data scroller (as am assuming this is the component you
are using)
In source of html generated from example (at , i see this

                  lots of javascript stripped here...


indeed there are line feed around the input type, but it appear before a
, and as such shouldn't generate extra space. Perhaps it's your css
stylesheet that apply margins or padding to  [input]  tags?

Check this in your browser,



If both tables show same width, you should start to investigate css
rules. If not, then i think you need to have component patched to remove
those linefeeds :)

En l'instant précis du 04/07/07 07:29, Dave s'exprimait en ces termes:
> There are many generated:
>  [input] 
> that affects the page looks.
> In html, there is a line break around them. So there is an additional
> space on page.
> How to prevent this from happening?
> Thanks
> Dave
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