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From noah <>
Subject [Trinidad] PPR duplicating transient components
Date Fri, 06 Jul 2007 20:23:12 GMT
Thought I'd post this before creating a JIRA issue, in case I've
overlooked something.  I just now produced this with 1.2.1 but I think
I've seen it in 1.0.x before.

In the following page, clicking the link correctly updates 'Foo=' to
'Foo=1' but it renders the paragraph twice. Clicking again updates
-both- paragraphs to 'Foo=2' and adds a third. Click again for a 4th,
and Foo=3, and so on.

Using an h:outputText instead of inline EL keeps the text from being
repeated, but additional paragraph elements are added with each click.

<tr:document xmlns=""
      <tr:panelHeader partialTriggers="foo">
      <tr:commandLink id="foo" partialSubmit="true" text="Do it!">
         <f:setPropertyActionListener value="#{ + 1}"
target="#{}" />

Environment: Facelets 1.1.12 + RI 1.2_04-p02

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