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From "Abhijit Ghosh" <>
Subject Re: [TRINIDAD] panelAccordion sizing
Date Tue, 17 Jul 2007 13:08:36 GMT
What are you using as the parent container?
Can you please post an example of how you are using the tr:panelAccordion
just so that we can get an idea of the layout elements being used.


On 7/17/07, <>
>  Hi everyone,
> we're having problems in getting the tr:panelAccordion to behave as we
> want it to, which is this:
> The panelAccordion should stretch (vertically) above the whole height of
> ist parent container.
> The expanded item should get all the inner place (we don't define
> "discloseMany", so only
> one or zero items can be opened).
> We fiddled with the inlineStyle-attribute as well as with skinning /
> stylesheets. The results
> are always like this (either we set  inlineStyle="height: 100%" or (in the
> style sheet) use
>         af|panelAccordion::container {
>                 height: 100%;
>                         ...
>         }
> The panelAccordion only stretches over the "minimum area" to render
> its items (and, if any, the opened items content), but never over the
> whole parent height.
> Furthermore, we can't either get the opened item to use the vertical space
> that we
> want it to use (which would be "the whole vertical space assigned to the
> panelAccordion minus
> the vertical space needed for the item headers"):
> If we don't define anything for this content height (via the style class
> af|panelAccordion::content)
> it's taking "just what it needs to show the current item's content" (and
> nothing more).
> We can define a content height, but then the whole ensemble of items only
> matches the
> height of the panelAccordion if you get the numbers of pixels exactly
> right. Example (we have an
> absolute  accordionPanel height here, as the 100% approach doesn't work,
> see above):
> (content height) = (accordion height) - (number of items) * (item header
> height)
> As the number of items can vary, this approach doesn't seem to be that
> promising :-(
> Are we just missing some point or can't the panelAccordion be tweaked to
> fulfill our needs?
> Any input is welcome! Thanks in advance,
> Carsten

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