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From "Martin Marinschek" <>
Subject Re: <t:popup attribute inflexibility
Date Tue, 03 Jul 2007 08:15:16 GMT
Probably, the wouldn't be too hard to implement, no.

Have fun hacking!



On 7/3/07, Safurudin Mahic <> wrote:
> I'm currently using a <t:popup in a datatable to show details about a row.
> One of the issues I'm facing is that the renderer for the popup always
> renders
> position:absolute; display: none; at the end of the inline style. While
> this is practical
> as a default for showing the popup next to the event, in some cases
> where you want the popup
> to be displayed at the same spot every time, this is not possible to
> achive by setting
> something like;
> <t:popup title="Head" id="test"
>                         style="background-color:white;color:#111111;
>                             border: 3px solid #000; width: 300px;
> position: fixed; top: 20px; left: 20px"
>                         >
> because the renderer always overrides with position: absolute; display:
> none; at the end of the rendered style.
> It would be far more flexible to leave this to the developer himself to
> decide via the use of the style attribute.
> If someone like it to be next to the event, use position absolute, in
> other cases use some other positioning method.
> In that case, the attributes displayAtDistanceX and Y would become
> redundant.
> Also the attributes closePopupOnExitingElement and
> closePopupOnExitingPopup always render the element
> with onmouseout events, which in some cases never will invoke. On my
> Nokia N800 for example, the device doesn't
> have a mouse, and hence doesn't support the onmouseevents, which means I
> can never get the popup to hide.
> Perhaps a <facet with a close button?
> Would these suggestions be a hard thing to implement? If it isn't, I
> guess I could always do some code hacking myself
> Regards,
> Safurudin Mahic


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