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From Sochor Zdeněk <>
Subject Re: Scriptaculous Effect with JSF MyFaces components
Date Tue, 17 Jul 2007 13:20:20 GMT
  every component's events prevent further processing when "return 
false" JavaScript is used.
This is behaviour expected to allow conditional processing of 
application flow (catching errors, allowing useres to cancel actions 
from dialogs etc.).
Remove return statement to make it work (but i don't know if 
Scriptaculous will work with JSF).

Best regards,

ThinkBlue napsal(a):
> Hello all,
> Wondering if it is possible to use Scriptaculous effects with regular JSF
> components by using the onclick event with the action
> attributes...Specifically here is the code that I have that doesn't seem to
> work correctly:
> <h:commandButton value="Edit User" onclick="new
> Effect.BlindDown('editUser','blind'); return false;"
> action="#{nodeUser.selectUser}" /> ...
> <div id="editUser" style="display:none">...</div>...
> So basically what happens is the div editUser BlindsDown but the information
> within the div does not appear...When I go into the debug mode to see if the
> action "#{nodeUser.selectUser}" is even being fired, i find out that it
> isn't...When i take the onclick event off the action does fire...Any ideas
> on getting both of these to work together?
> Thanks for any help anyone is able to provide on this issue.
> Blue

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