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From Tomasz Grobel <>
Subject Re: commandLink do not work properly after some time
Date Tue, 10 Jul 2007 08:39:18 GMT
Of course, there is such (high ;D ) probability, but:
- you can of course define which beans and which methods are available
- in my application, you have to login before you can do anything, and 
of course, if you are logged, "system knows" if you have enough rights 
to view some informations, unimportant, how you wants to get them
- and the last one, if you are stubborn, you can do something like that 
with usual commandLink by Javascript (am I right?)

David Delbecq napisał(a):
> En l'instant précis du 10/07/07 09:48, Tomasz Grobel s'exprimait en ces
> termes:
>> Hi
>> Thank you very much for your help.
>> As you suggested, I created life cycle listener, but instead of
>> "refresh=true" parameter I am sending "action parameter".
>> pages/appointments/appointments.jsf?action=appointmentsBean.showAppointments
>> After parsing this string, inside of  listener, I am invoking:
>>    Object o =
>> fc.getApplication().getVariableResolver().resolveVariable(fc, bbName);
>>    o.getClass().getMethod(methodName).invoke(o);
>>         Now, solution is very generic.
> and dangerous :)
> User could call any zero argument bean method from command line, this
> include non authenticated users could perhaps call methods of your admin
> beans
>> David Delbecq napisał(a):
>>> Several possibilities
>>> 1) add a parameter named "refresh=true" to your link, add a life cycle
>>> listener that, upon view creation, refresh the backing bean if it find
>>> this parameter in request
>>> 2) do the refresh inside the backing bean, without intervention from the
>>> view, depending on the lifetime of your datas
>>> En l'instant précis du 09/07/07 08:24, Tomasz Grobel s'exprimait en ces
>>> termes:
>>>> I've read your solutions and:
>>>>    re 2) of course I have frames to not load menu each time
>>>>    re 3) I can not redesign it (it's a long story ;) )
>>>>    re 4) yes, I tried do that but as you wrote it only delays problem
>>>> I think that solution number one is the best, but I have a little
>>>> problem whit that.
>>>> I have one session backing bean. Each time I clicked menu (by
>>>> commandLink),
>>>> I run method that refreshed some backing bean content (from DB). How
>>>> can I refresh my backing bean now?
>>>> How can I run specific backing bean method using such link? Is it
>>>> possible?
>>>>> Hi
>>>>> commandlinks works is based on the view they are in. However, because
>>>>> you use frames for navigation, it may be that the view, associated
>>>>> with
>>>>> your commandlink, was generated, for example, 25 requests in the past,
>>>>> all subsequent view request made in other frames. As a result, after
>>>>> some time, when your try to call the command, JSF is unable to restore
>>>>> the related view (JSF can not store an infinite number of views in
>>>>> user
>>>>> session). The suggested workaround just resolve it by not storing view
>>>>> in session, but better on client. This is not your only solution.
>>>>> Possibles solutions:
>>>>> 1) don't use command link. Actually a commandlink is used to submit a
>>>>> form, do you really want to submit a form while what you seem to look
>>>>> for is just navigation? Simple <h:outputLink/> outside any form
>>>>> enough for most navigation purposes. There are even ways to pass
>>>>> simple
>>>>> parmeters to new JSF views (eg:
>>>>> http://server/app/faces/showItem.xhtml?itemId=123)
>>>>> 2) Have the view in the frame refresh on a regular basis, to ensure
>>>>> when
>>>>> user use commandLinks, those comes from a still active view
>>>>> 3) Redesign your page, change from frames to a menu that appear on
>>>>> each
>>>>> page, as such you are also sure action come from latest generated view
>>>>> 4) increase the nmber of views in session. This will delay problem but
>>>>> not remove it:
>>>>>     <context-param>
>>>>> <param-name>org.apache.myfaces.NUMBER_OF_VIEWS_IN_SESSION</param-name>
>>>>>         <param-value>20</param-value>
>>>>>         <description>Only applicable if state saving method is
>>>>> "server" (= default).
>>>>>                      Defines the amount (default = 20) of the latest
>>>>> views are stored in session.
>>>>>         </description>
>>>>>      </context-param>
>>>>> En l'instant précis du 06/07/07 14:13, Tomasz Grobel s'exprimait en
>>>>> ces
>>>>> termes:
>>>>>> Hello
>>>>>> I have problem (just like this one
>>>>>> with commandLink: I am using frames, left and right. In the left
>>>>>> frame
>>>>>> I have menu (commandLinks with target to right frame). After some
>>>>>> time
>>>>>> commandLinks stop invoke action on server but just reload menu. So
>>>>>> becouse target is set,
>>>>>> my left menu loads into right frame.
>>>>>> This situation appears only if STATE_SAVING_METHOD is set to server;
>>>>>> In my case, I can not use solution STATE_SAVING_METHOD set to client,
>>>>>> because it is very inefficient (too big post).
>>>>>> Maybe somebody have others ideas?

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