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From Tomasz Grobel <>
Subject Re: commandLink do not work properly after some time
Date Mon, 09 Jul 2007 06:24:10 GMT
I've read your solutions and:
    re 2) of course I have frames to not load menu each time
    re 3) I can not redesign it (it's a long story ;) )
    re 4) yes, I tried do that but as you wrote it only delays problem

I think that solution number one is the best, but I have a little 
problem whit that.
I have one session backing bean. Each time I clicked menu (by commandLink),
I run method that refreshed some backing bean content (from DB). How can 
I refresh my backing bean now?
How can I run specific backing bean method using such link? Is it possible?

> Hi
> commandlinks works is based on the view they are in. However, because
> you use frames for navigation, it may be that the view, associated with
> your commandlink, was generated, for example, 25 requests in the past,
> all subsequent view request made in other frames. As a result, after
> some time, when your try to call the command, JSF is unable to restore
> the related view (JSF can not store an infinite number of views in user
> session). The suggested workaround just resolve it by not storing view
> in session, but better on client. This is not your only solution.
> Possibles solutions:
> 1) don't use command link. Actually a commandlink is used to submit a
> form, do you really want to submit a form while what you seem to look
> for is just navigation? Simple <h:outputLink/> outside any form is
> enough for most navigation purposes. There are even ways to pass simple
> parmeters to new JSF views (eg:
> http://server/app/faces/showItem.xhtml?itemId=123)
> 2) Have the view in the frame refresh on a regular basis, to ensure when
> user use commandLinks, those comes from a still active view
> 3) Redesign your page, change from frames to a menu that appear on each
> page, as such you are also sure action come from latest generated view
> 4) increase the nmber of views in session. This will delay problem but
> not remove it:
>     <context-param>
>         <param-name>org.apache.myfaces.NUMBER_OF_VIEWS_IN_SESSION</param-name>
>         <param-value>20</param-value>
>         <description>Only applicable if state saving method is "server" (= default).
>                      Defines the amount (default = 20) of the latest views are stored
in session.
>         </description>
>      </context-param>
> En l'instant précis du 06/07/07 14:13, Tomasz Grobel s'exprimait en ces
> termes:
>> Hello
>> I have problem (just like this one
>> with commandLink: I am using frames, left and right. In the left frame
>> I have menu (commandLinks with target to right frame). After some time
>> commandLinks stop invoke action on server but just reload menu. So
>> becouse target is set,
>> my left menu loads into right frame.
>> This situation appears only if STATE_SAVING_METHOD is set to server;
>> In my case, I can not use solution STATE_SAVING_METHOD set to client,
>> because it is very inefficient (too big post).
>> Maybe somebody have others ideas?

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