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From "St├ęphane Poirier" <>
Subject [Trinidad] State saving between applications
Date Thu, 12 Jul 2007 14:59:12 GMT

I have 2 different Trinidad applications interacting. Beeing different
applications, I'm using ExternalContext.sendRedirect() to go from an
application to another. It works well (tho it's not very clean) and the
state of components is the same when the page is revisited (beans are in
session scope). My problem is when I'm using AJAX with partialTrigers. If
I'm using a redirect in an action after AJAX, the state will not be saved (I
understand that it's the normal behavior). Still, I want to solve this
problem. Any ideas?

I read that ViewHandler could possibly help... is that right? If so, an
implementation hint would be greatly appreciated! :-)

Thanks in advance!

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