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From "daniel ccss" <>
Subject Re: Tomahawk+DataScroller+WorkingWithLargeTables
Date Mon, 09 Jul 2007 16:04:25 GMT
Hi Paul, Vladimir, and other readers!!

Paul in my case all what I need now, to finish this, is know how I can go to
other DataPage from code. When I delete the last row of a DataPage I want go
to the previus DataPage. I want do this when I enter to this if:

if(rowIndex >= dataSize)

What I have now is this: I add a Patient and the DataTable is updated :), I
delete a Patient (no the last of a PageData) and all works fine :), I edit a
Patient and all works fine :). When I delete the last Patient of a DataPage,
for example the DataPage 3 The indexes of the pages are update, I mean, in
the case of 3 dataPages, after delete the last row of the DataPage3 only 1
and 2 links appear and not the 3, thats Fine!! But The DataPage doesn´t
change to the DataPage before it.

The only thing that I need is that when the last patient of the DataPage3 is
erased (when enter to the if(rowIndex >= dataSize)) I can show the
DataPage2, what I need to do that??

See the images that I attach in this mail, in this order image1, image2 and

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